Custom product page

What is a custom product page?

Apple’s iOS 15+ allows developers to create up to 35 custom product pages (CPP), which are custom versions of their App Store product page. Each CPP can have different screenshots, promotional text, and app previews, and can connect to specific creatives for unique product pages. With CPP, you can provide users with a more targeted App Store experience that is relevant to the creative they clicked, helping to drive higher installs and more efficient app growth.

ironSource provides support for custom product pages, enabling you to build the best ad flows and drive higher downloads. 

Note: Custom product pages are available on the App Store for  iOS 15+. Users with previous iOS versions will be directed to your app’s default store page.

How to connect your creatives to custom product pages

In your App Store account, configure your custom product pages. Then:

    1. Speak with your AM to enable CPP on the ironSource UA platform
    2. Go to the New Campaign Generator
    3. Create a new campaign, or select an existing campaign
    4. Under Targeting, select OS versions 15+
    5. Under Creative sets, click on Edit  and enter the Product Page ID (PPID) where you’d like each creative to send traffic. You can find this ID at the end of the App Store product page URL (the text string that follows ?ppid=)
    6. When you’re done, click Submit. You’ll see your custom product page identified by its PPID next to its associated creative in the Creative sets table
    1. Custom Product Page

    Best practices

    • Use your best performing creatives
    • Employ the same concept across the creative and the CPP to create a continuous flow for the user
    • Having up to 35 custom product pages provides an ideal opportunity to test out multiple options. Consider testing the following CPP strategies: 
      • Game elements like characters or objects
      • Video previews
      • Localized versions per language
      • Show screenshots of the newest, most attractive content from your game
      • In-game events
      • Seasonal events, including Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, major sporting events, etc.
    • Find the elements of your game that drive conversions, and test them as part of the CPP concept. Then, continue creating and testing new CPPs to maximize conversions
    • Analyze your CPP performance on the creative level, for creatives that are live with CPPs. Track the impact on IPM, CVR, and eCPM
    • After testing and confirming the CPP performs well, upload the CPP to the matching creatives in all the bundle’s campaigns to improve the overall performance