App Analytics measures a cohort as a group of users that install and launch your app on a specific day.

The Cohorts page helps you understand how each cohort engages with your app, including playtime, ads watched, and how much they spend on in-app purchases. This data gives you a complete understanding of your apps’ lifecycle.

The cohort table is shown on one screen, without pagination, so you can easily identify performance trends.

  • Revenue is reported in USD
  • Time is reported in UTC

    Follow these steps to create a custom cohort report based on the app data that’s most important to you:

    Step 1: Navigate to Cohorts

    Log into your ironSource account. From the left menu bar, navigate to App Analytics and select Cohorts.

    Step 2: Configure your report 


    Select one of the following built-in KPIs:

    • Retention (%)
    • Retention (Count)
    • Playtime
    • Session length
    • Sessions
    • ARPU
    • ARPPU
    • Revenue
    • Ad revenue
    • IAP revenue
    • Paying users
    • Converted users
    • Conversion rate
    • Engagement rate
    • Impressions per user
    • Impressions per engaged user

    Note: The value shown at the top of the graph is the D1 average of the selected metric.


    Choose one or more of the following filters to analyze a granular segment of your users:

    • App
    • Country
    • Manufacturer 
    • Device model 
    • OS version 
    • App version
    • Paying users
    • Retained user
    • Consent status
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Login method


    Choose from the following breakdowns to analyze your data with additional detail:

    • Cohort
    • Application
    • Country
    • Device model
    • Manufacturer
    • New users
    • OS version
    • Paying users
    • Platform
    • Trackable users
    • App version (only available when one app is selected)


    View your KPIs on a specific day, or view your cumulative data.

    Select On-day to see the KPI for that day only, and select Cumulative to see the aggregated total of the KPI per day.

    Calculate user LTV by selecting the ARPU metric and Cumulative together.

    Time frame

    View data from a specific time frame using one of the preset date ranges, or by selecting custom dates. The Cohorts page supports data up to 90 days back.