The App Analytics Overview page gives you a comprehensive view of your apps’ top KPIs and performance trends. Use filters to analyze specific user segments and easily drill down on a specific metric.

  • Revenue is reported in USD
  • Time is reported in UTC

Step 1: Navigate to Overview

Log into your ironSource account. From the left menu bar, navigate to App Analytics and select Overview.

Step 2: Monitor your main KPIs

The Overview page helps you quickly understand the following KPIs, with each in its own graph:

  • Daily active users – Users who visit your app, broken down by new and returning users
  • Average daily engagement time – How much time users spend in your app
  • Daily revenue – Revenue from ads and in-app purchases
  • Average session length – How much time users spend in your app, per session

    • User retention – Average percentage of users who return to your app, per day of install
    • User lifetime value – Cumulative average revenue per user, per day of install
    • Total active users by country – Users who visit your app per country
    • Daily users sessions – Sessions per user

    Step 3: Choose your segment

    For more detailed insights, view data for specific apps and groups of users over a custom date range.

    Choose from the following filters:

    • Country
    • Manufacturer
    • Device model
    • OS version
    • App version
    • Paying users
    • Retained user
    • Consent status
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Login method

    Apply as many filters as you’d like at one time.

    Step 4: Drill down 

    Drill down into any of the metrics on the Overview page by clicking the expand icon.

    You’ll be redirected to the Explore page, where you can slice and dice your data and compare metrics side-by-side. You’ll automatically start with the metric you expanded and any filters you applied.