December 13, 2022

View your A/B test results in real time

See your live A/B test results moments after your tests start. Real time pivot now shows your A/B test data in a new visual A/B test report. You’ll understand how your A/B test is going at a glance, so you can take immediate action.

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Track changes in your A/B tests

The activity log now supports the following actions for A/B tests so you can know what changes were made and when:

  • Start test
  • Add ad unit to test
  • End ad unit test
  • End test

Target specific regions in your user acquisition campaigns 

Optimize your campaigns by selecting specific regions in Australia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, and India that you want to target. 

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New menu location for LevelPlay Mediation in Unity Editor 

After upgrading to ironSource SDK 7.2.6, the LevelPlay integration manager can be found under Ads Mediation in the Unity Editor.

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Amazon Publisher Services supported for Unity apps

Publishers building apps on the Unity platform have more monetization options with APS network supported for interstitial and banner ads. 

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Introducing the Ad Quality Analysis page 

Get a visual overview of the ad content trends in your app with the new Analysis page. Use actionable data like churn rate per advertiser, churned users per developer, and more to build a stronger user experience.

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