Your iOS 14 toolkit

iOS 14

Get ready to meet this challenge and conquer it.
With the upcoming general availability of iOS 14.5, these are the tools you need to amplify growth and monetization of your iOS apps.

Run iOS campaigns with confidence

  • SKAdNetwork campaigns – Create UA campaigns that support the SKAdNetwork framework and enjoy dedicated SKAN reporting and analysis to review your campaign performance
  • Integrations with major attribution partners – Send SKAdNetwork postbacks to your attribution partners for SKAdNetwork campaigns
  • SKAdNetwork API – Enable SKAdNetwork reporting with the new ironSource SKAdNetwork API (coming soon)

Monetize boldly on all iOS devices

  • IDFA / non-IDFA segmented waterfalls – Optimize your monetization strategy with dedicated waterfalls for IDFA and non-IDFA devices
  • Pre permission pop-ups – Show a pop-up to your users that explains’s the value of tracking before showing Apple’s ATT
  • SDK 7 – Power your monetization with ironSource SDK 7+. It’s compatible with iOS 14, supports SKAdNetwork, and provides all the performance enhancements you want for in-app bidding
  • Reporting breakdowns by ATT status – Analyze the impact of ATT permissions and IDFA availability in your performance and activity reports (coming soon)

Discover even more solutions available in your iOS 14 toolkit.