Product newsletter: October 3, 2022

Run A/B tests by ad unit on LevelPlay

A/B tests on LevelPlay just got a major upgrade. Now you can run and end A/B tests by ad unit, giving you more granular control over your tests.

Start A/B tests on the Mediation Management page and the Ad Units and Placements page—the same places where you manage your hybrid waterfall, capping, pacing, and rewards.

As always, you’ll have access to app-level data, so you can keep monitoring metrics like ARPU and retention in the Performance, User Activity, Cohorts and Bidding report pages.

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Get transparency and control over your ROAS optimizer

See your ROAS trends in a first-of-its-kind report in the new ROAS optimizer page. Use this data to update your ROAS target goals by campaign and country anytime so you can perfect your UA strategy.

With the new ROAS CVS manager, you can save time editing your ROAS goal configuration. Simply upload a custom CSV file with your changes, and the ROAS CVS manager will take care of the rest.

See the ROAS optimizer in action

Now you can delete instances in bulk via CSV

Save time and effort by deleting non-bidding instances in bulk via CSV. Create a new CSV file with a “Delete instance” column indicating which instances you want to delete, and upload it to LevelPlay.

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New Ad Quality features now available

Ad Quality has 3 new major updates to help you safeguard your user experience and help drive retention:

  • Report ads –  Select problematic ads from the Creative screen and an email template will automatically populate with the details ad sources need to identify the creative
  • Export CSV – Download your Ad Quality data as a CSV
  •  DSP support – From the Creatives and Notifications pages, you can now see the DSP as well as the network a creative came from

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View new App Analytics metrics and dimensions

Now you’ve got access to even more powerful insights, tailor-made for apps. With the latest metrics and dimensions in App Analytics, you now get visibility into:

  • Users’ attempts, success, and failure per leve
  • Which items are best sellers
  • Revenue per in-app purchase placement

…and more

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