The offerwall is a user-initiated ad unit that acts like a mini-store, listing multiple offers that users can complete in exchange for in-app rewards. 

This is what the ironSource offerwall looks like:

ironSource offerwall

The offers

The offers on the offerwall can range from app-related offers such as: install an app and reach a certain level to get a reward, make an in-app purchase and receive a bonus, reach a level to achieve a higher rank, complete a survey to receive in-app currency, etc.

The rewards are calculated based on the campaign’s bid and the exchange rate set by the publisher, and represent the payment to the publisher.  Offers with a higher bid will give users a higher reward.

Target audience

Offerwall users tend to be strongly engaged with the app, but prefer to invest their time rather than their money. They’re most likely to complete offers in order to advance within the game.

User’s funnel

Access to the offerwall is through traffic drivers allocated to different parts of the game. Once a user accesses the offerwall, she’ll see a list of offers to complete in return for valuable rewards.

Clicking on an offer will open an intermediate page with the steps required to complete the offer and receive the reward. If the offer is appealing, the user is directed to the store to download the app. An in-progress bar and offer status keep the user up to date with all of the offers she initiated. Customer support is also provided for your app users in case of any problem.

Once an offer is completed, the user is rewarded automatically.

Learn how to set up the offerwall.