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Quick A/B test

Now you can get all the data you need to optimize your monetization performance—with no additional setup.

The ironSource quick A/B test tool helps you create every type of mediation test in just a few clicks. Test anything including instance pricing changes, new network rollouts, cross promotion, and more.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Click the Create Test button next to the Quick A/B Test option
  2. Go to your Mediation Management page and change anything you want

Traffic to your app will be split 50/50 between 2 copies of your own hybrid or traditional waterfall. Simply change anything on your mediation management page to create the A/B test you want. Accurate revenue data and performance KPIs are totally transparent and can be broken down from day one, so you can track your results and end the test as soon as you’re convinced.

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