Retention optimizer

The retention optimizer automatically adjusts your bids to maximize user retention, while reducing the manual work of managing campaigns. This advanced tool is available to you even if you don’t monetize with ironSource, and can be added to both new and existing campaigns.

How it works

To set up the retention optimizer, talk to your account manager. They’ll help set your max bids  and competitive base bids. 

You can choose whether to optimize your bids by campaign or country.

After 1 week, your account manager will help you review your D7 retention rates, CPRU (average cost per retained user), and spend. Together, you’ll use this data to evaluate your campaign’s growth potential, and decide if you should increase your bids.

Once you’ve added the retention optimizer to a campaign, make sure you don’t run a competing campaign that targets the same audience.

Eligibility requirements

  • At least 200 installs per country in the past 3 months
  • At least 1% retention rate per country
  • At least 8 days since first install (1 D7 cohort)
  • At least 5 apps with more than 20 installs in the past week