Product newsletter: September 1, 2022

Tapjoy offerwall data is available on LevelPlay

For publishers: The LevelPlay dashboard, performance report, and user activity report now include the Tapjoy offerwall, which means you get monetization insights for all of your ad units in one place.

For advertisers: LevelPlay publishers who advertise on ironSource Network can also see ad revenue from both the Tapjoy and ironSource offerwalls on the UA platform pages.

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Access churn metrics in Ad Quality

Ad Quality gives you control and visibility over the ads your users see, so you can build the most positive user experience. Now you can view each ad’s impact on churn, including churn rate.

Learn more or download the Ad Quality SDK to get started.

Monitor user progression with App Analytics funnels

Build a custom funnel in just a few clicks to generate your data in real time. You’ll know how many users advance from step to step, so you can optimize the in-app journey.

See App Analytics in action or download the App Analytics SDK to start now.

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