Submit a playable for QA

If you want to run a playable or interactive end card, you’ll need to submit your video for QA. The Playable Test Tool enables you to upload a creative for testing.

  1. Access the PTT. Make sure that the tool is set to Testing and DAPI.  You can manually upload an HTML file or insert the URL for the creative you want ironSource QA to test.

Playable Test Tool

2. Click Test Ad to load your creative into the testing tool and view it in the mobile screen.

3. Start the creative and see how it looks in different orientations and device types (tablet and phone) by clicking on the icons.

4. You’ll notice the Pre-flight checklist of creative requirements below your creative.  There will be a check mark next to each requirement if to indicate approval or an X if there’s a problem. If any critical issues have been identified, you’ll need to fix the problem according to the instructions given, then load the creative again.

5. Simulate the “click to store” by clicking the creative’s CTA.

6. This will create a link for Android and/or iOS that will enable you to test your creative on a real device and submit it to ironSource. Copy and paste the link and send it to your mobile device. You’ll need to click the links on your device to proceed.

7. Click the Generate QA code button.

8. Add the code to your device when prompted and click Load Playable, then Show Playable to play your ad. If everything looks OK, click Submit to ironSource to submit the creative to ironSource for QA.

9. Log in to submit your creative. You’ll need your Secret Key and Refresh Token from the ironSource platform.

Log in to submit your creative

Note: You need access to the Promote section of the ironSource UA platform to get your credentials. Contact your UA manager or admin user for permission.

Here’s how to retrieve your Secret Key and Refresh Token:

  1. Login to your ironSource account
  2. Navigate to My Account
  3. Click on the “API” tab
  4. Copy your credentials and paste them in the Login screen

Then click GO.

10. Complete the creative submission form

QA submission form

  1. Add the name of the creative.
  2. Select the app title (iOS and Android) from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose a vendor
  4. Check the supported ad orientations – Portrait and/or landscape
  5. Select the creative language
  6. Add the email addresses of everyone who should be notified when the QA is complete
  7. Click Submit

11. Check your email

You’ll receive a confirmation email to the email addresses you specified. The email will be sent from

12. It will take 3 business days to complete the QA. At the end of the QA process, you’ll receive a report by email with the results – if it passed QA, your creative will be available inside the ironSource platform. If the creative didn’t pass QA, you’ll receive an email with the reasons why, so you can fix the problems and resubmit.