Amazon Mobile Ad Network Integration Guide

This guide instructs you step-by-step on how to set Amazon live as an ad network on the ironSource mediation platform.

Before you start
  • The Amazon Mobile Ad Network serves ads to users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan.
  • GDPR Consent in Amazon is not part of the mediation Consent API provided by the SDK.
    In order to use GDPR with Amazon Mobile Ad Network, please follow the instructions they provide inside this page, under Has your SDK been updated for GDPR?”.

Step 1. Create an Amazon Account

  1. To access Amazon’s ad inventory through ironSource‘s mediation platform, you must create an account with Amazon. You can do so here.

Step 2. Create an Application in Amazon

Next, you must add the app in your Amazon account.

Add Your App

  1. Log into your Amazon account. On your dashboard, click the ‘Mobile Ads button under “Apps & Services” tab.
  2. Add your app manually or simply select an existing app to monetize.
    Note: Note: You will need a unique Amazon application per platform (iOS + Android), just the same as in your ironSource account.


GDPR Consent in Amazon is not part of the mediation Consent API provided by the SDK.
In order to use GDPR with Amazon Mobile Ad Network, please follow the instructions they provide inside this page, under Has your SDK been updated for GDPR?”.

Step 3. Activate Amazon in Your ironSource Network Setup Module

Serving Amazon’s ads through the ironSource mediation platform has never been this easy. Sign in to your Amazon account when setting up Amazon on the ironSource SDK Networks setup page and we’ll automatically retrieve all the necessary parameters to run Amazon’s Banners for you!


There is a data piece from your Amazon account which needs to be inserted into your ironSource network setup module in order for Amazon to work correctly in connection with ironSource:

The unique ID assigned to your app on Amazon’s Mobile Ads dashboard.

Once you obtain this information, you must configure Amazon’s Parameters in your ironSource Account. By adding the above information correctly, you will be able to take full advantage of Amazon’s ad inventory and reporting data on the ironSource mediation platform.


Once you have created an application in the Amazon’s Mobile Ads dashboard (as described in step 2), You will be transferred to a general application dashboard, from here please click on “Mobile Ads
amazon-2-go-to-mobile-ads-dashboardObtain your Key value from the dashboard and place it in the ironSource Network Setup Module in the “App Key” field.

Price Floor

In order to take advantage of the usage of multiple Amazon ads in the waterfall, please consider the price floor parameter inside ironSource network setup module. This value represents the floor price allowed that specific Amazon instance can serve (0.75 = 0.75$ floor price).

Step 4. Add the Amazon Adapter to Your Build


ironSource supports both Cocoapods and Manual download mechanisms.


To integrate the Amazon SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you’re good to go!

pod 'IronSourceAmazonAdapter',''

Manual Download

  1. Download the Amazon Adapter
    Add the Amazon Adapter to your build. You can find the latest Amazon Adapter here.
    Important! The Amazon Adapter does not contain the Amazon SDK. You need to add the Amazon SDK to your project as well.
  2. Add the Amazon frameworks to your Project
    After you download and unzip the Adapter and SDK, drop the framework files into your Xcode Project.
  3. Open Target  Build Settings  Architectures and confirm that your Xcode Project uses Base SDK version 6.0 or greater and that it does not use armv6 architecture.
  4. Linker Flags:
    Add two separate linker flags to Target  Build Settings  Linking  Other Linker Flags:


Verify Your Ad Network Integration

The ironSource SDK provides an easy way to verify that your mediation integration was completed successfully. To verify your ironSource and additional ad setworks’ integration, follow this document.

You are now all set to deliver Amazon ads within your application!