iOS Offerwall Integration

Integrate Offerwall | Checklist 

✔ Configure Callbacks
Configure callbacks before calling the init. We recommend utilizing server-to-server callbacks.

  • Server-to-server callbacks require adding this to your project:
    [ISSupersonicAdsConfiguration configurations].useClientSideCallbacks = [NSNumber numberWithInt:0];
  • Client-side callbacks require adding this to your project:[ISSupersonicAdsConfiguration configurations].useClientSideCallbacks = [NSNumber numberWithInt:1];

Serve the Ad Unit
You will receive the ad unit’s availability status through the offerwallHasChangedAvailability callback. Then, show the Offerwall by calling this method in the specific location you’d like to serve it [IronSource showOfferwallWithViewController:YOUR_VIEWCONTROLLER placement:YOUR_PLACEMENT_NAME]; Leave the brackets empty if using the default placement.

Reward Your User
Make sure to reward your users after they complete an offer.

  • Server-to-Server Callbacks: respond[EVENT_ID]:OK to the callback and then reward your users. Make sure not to reward your users twice for the same callback.
  • Client-side Callbacks: make sure you’ve implemented(BOOL)didReceiveOfferwallCredits:(NSDictionary *)creditInfo method and you should return True after rewarding the user.

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