Server-side networks setup

The ironSource Server-Side Network module enables developers to connect with additional demand sources without the need to integrate any additional SDK or adapters. Simply define your preferred ad networks on LevelPlay to start serving ads on your app. This feature is currently available for Rewarded Video and Interstitial. Follow the below steps to set up this feature.

Before You Start

The ironSource Server Side Networks module runs with official IAB VAST tags version 2.0 only and is available for ironSource SDK version 6.4.17+.  

Step 1. Navigate to the Server Side Networks Module

Log in to your ironSource account and on the left menu, go to ‘Monetize‘ ➣ ‘Mediation‘ ➣ ‘Server Side Networks‘.

Step 2. Create New Tag for Specific App

Select the app that you’d like to serve ads on through the server side network and click ‘+ New Tag‘. Tags represent the ad sources available on the ironSource platform. Each app can have up to 5 active tags at a given time.


Step 3. Fill in Tag Details & Activate

Enter Tag Details

Fill in the following details in the window displayed below:

  • Tag Name: Enter the name of the ad network for this tag will represent the tag in the Management & Reports modules on the ironSource dashboard
  • Tag URL: Insert the tag URL provided to you by the selected ad network. The URL must use the https prefix. You may need to adjust the macros in the tag. Check out our supported Macros in the Macro Reference Table on the bottom of the article.
  • Ad Unit: Select ad unit type. Supported ad units are Rewarded Video and Interstitial
  • Countries: Select the countries where you’d like to serve ad inventory through this tag.  If you have a direct eCPM deal per country with the ad network, you’ll need to create separate tags for each of specific deal.
  • CPM: Set the CPM for this tag as agreed with the ad network

Once you’ve filled in the above, click ‘Save‘.

Activate the Tag

Start serving ads by turning the toggle to active. Ads from this ad network will then be served on your app!


Done! You’ve successfully set up a server-side network.

What’s Next?

Manage the created tag on the Mediation Management page or delve into its success on the Performance Reports page.

Appendix A

Macro Reference Table

Note: Note: Align the dynamic parameters from the tag URL provided by the ad network with the supported macros from the below list. Dynamic parameters within the tag URL should follow the structure of parametername=[ MACRO ] and adjoin other parameters with ‘&‘. There may be dynamic parameters in the tag that ironSource doesn’t support; these should be optional so the tag can deliver ads in the case they are not set.
MACRO Description Type
[IP] Device IP Address String
[UA] Device User Agent String
[IFA] Device advertising identifier. Android: GAID, iOS: IDFA String
[MD5_ADV_ID]  MD5 Hashed Device advertising identifier String
[GDPR_CONSENT] GDPR User Consent Boolean
[OS] Operating System String
[DEVICE_MODEL] Device Model String
[HEIGHT] Desired Ad Height String
[WIDTH] Desired Ad Width String
[APP_BUNDLE_ID] Application Bundle ID String
[APP_STORE_URL] Application Store URL String
[APP_NAME] Application Name String
[APP_CATEGORY] App Category in the Store String
[LAT]  “Limit Ad Tracking” setting in the device where 1=”true” & 0=”false” Boolean
[LAT_STRING]  “Limit Ad Tracking” as a string “true” / “false” String
[OS_VERSION] Device OS Version String
[API_Level] Android Device Api Level Integer
[TIME_STAMP] Device Time Stamp String
[CARRIER] Device Service Provider String
[NETWORK] Device Mobile Network Code String
[SDK_VERSION] ironSource SDK Version String
[RANDOM] Random INT Integer