Offerwall Advertising Terms

Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Advertiser Agreement, or any advertising terms that govern your use of the Unity’s advertising services. As applicable “Media Company” shall be deemed to include Unity and any applicable Affiliate, specifically Tapjoy Inc. and/or transferees, successors and assignees of Media Company or Unity.

Offerwall services are provided by, and invoiced through, Tapjoy Inc.

Offer” means an Ad placed by an Advertiser for display on the Offerwall for the promotion or offer of a reward, e.g., in-app virtual currency, to end users for engaging with Advertiser’s products or services.

Offerwall” means the Media Company ad unit that displays rows of Advertiser Offers, placed via Media Company’s platform, to end users of Sites.

Offerwall Terms” means all material terms and conditions applicable to an end user wishing to complete the Advertiser’s Offer (e.g., that the Offer is available to “new users only”).

  1. Offer Requirements. To help provide a high quality experience for users engaging with Advertiser’s Offers, Advertiser shall, with respect to each Offer placed on the Offerwall: (a) prominently disclose, in close proximity to any Offer, all Offerwall Terms; (b) provide Media Company in writing, before placing an Offer on the Offerwall and before making any material changes to any Offer, Offerwall Terms, or Advertising Materials associated therewith, any and all: (i) applicable Offerwall Terms and any material changes thereto; (ii) Advertising Materials (including without limitation any instructions to the user) in connection with the promotion or offer of a reward on the Offerwall and any material changes thereto; (iii) information and materials required to validate the applicability and functionality of an Offer, (c) cooperate with Media Company to test and validate the Offer; (d) not misrepresent any aspect of the Offerwall Terms or Advertising Materials; and (e) comply with all applicable laws in connection with the promotion or offer of a reward. Media Company reserves the right to remove or suspend promotions or offers of a reward on a temporary or permanent basis, at any time with or without notice, for any or no reason. Without limiting any of Media Company’s other rights or remedies under the Agreement, Media Company reserves the right to terminate any Insertion Order or the Agreement, and to suspend or withdraw Advertiser’s use of the Offerwall, if Media Company determines that Advertiser has failed to comply with the terms of this section.
  2. Support Requirements. To help provide a quality support experience for users engaging with Advertiser’s Offers, Advertiser shall provide timely support and assistance to Media Company with respect to any requests from or about a user engaged with Advertiser’s Offers or any requests relating to technical issues affecting conversion signals or reward delivery. This includes, without limitation, ongoing support availability with less than seven (7) days’ response time for (x) any Media Company inquiry relating to an Offer and (y) provision of relevant data evidencing a user’s eligibility for the applicable reward. Media Company may, in its sole discretion, choose to provide a reward to a user engaged with Advertiser’s Offer, and Advertiser shall reimburse Media Company for such reward(s).
  3. Billing and Attribution Clarifications. Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary, in Multi-Reward CPE campaigns, billing will be based off of the numbers recorded by Media Company. In addition, Advertiser agrees to pay Media Company for all conversions generated during each advertising campaign, even if not reported to Media Company; for example, if billable conversions occur upon a user’s completion of levels 3, 5, 7, and 9, and a user’s completion of only level 3 and level 7 are reported, Media Company may charge for the level 5 conversion as well even if not reported, and Advertiser agrees to work with Media Company to investigate and resolve any reporting issues. Advertiser acknowledges that Media Company has a strict no-chargeback policy for cost-per-action (including where the required action is the acquisition of an item or a service) campaigns, meaning, that in the event that the Advertiser has indicated to Media Company the occurrence of a completion, the reward will be charged and paid for by the Advertiser. For Offerwall campaigns (CPA, CPE, CPI, MR-CPE), the following completion window shall apply (unless otherwise agreed): (i) CPA – maximum of sixty (60) days; (ii) CPE – maximum of ninety (90) days; (iii) CPI – minimum of forty-eight (48) hours; (iv) MR-CPE – maximum of ninety (90) days. Advertiser acknowledges that it is responsible for reviewing its campaign for any suspicious user generated activity and reporting any such concerns as soon as possible and, in any case, by the payment due date of the applicable invoice.