Getting started with Unity

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to start monetizing with Unity LevelPlay. Start by learning how to integrate the ironSource SDK into your app, using either the Unity Plugin or the Ads Mediation package in the Unity Package Manager, and then move on to how to set up your app and mediated networks on the Unity LevelPlay platform.


1. Integrate the ironSource SDK 

Important! To upgrade from an earlier version of the Unity Plugin to 8.0.0+, follow this guide.

  • You can integrate the ironSource SDK to add LevelPlay to your apps. There are two options to add LevelPlay:
    1. Download the Unity Plugin and import it into your Unity project
    2. Add the Ads Mediation package to your Unity project from the Package Manager in the Unity Editor. Refer to the Unity LevelPlay setup guide in the Unity Monetization dashboard docs for more information.
  • Use the ironSource demo app for reference on how your app’s integration should look.
  • Implement privacy methods relevant for your app.
    GDPR | COPPA | CCPA| Google Play Families Policy
  • Configure SKAdNetwork settings. Learn how
  • Update your Privacy Manifest file. Learn how
  • Enable ad tracking for Meta Audience Network. Learn how

    2. Integrate your ad units

    Register listeners and integrate the relevant APIs in your apps’ code for the type of ads you want to show in your app.   

    Learn how

    3. Set user IDs

    If you’re using server-to-server callbacks to reward your users, you’re required to define a unique identifier for each user.

    Learn how

    4. Add mediation network adapters and SDKs

    Integrate the network adapters and SDKs for the mediated networks you want to use on LevelPlay. 

    Learn how


    1. Add your apps to your account 

    Set up the apps you’d like to monetize and promote through Unity LevelPlay. Automate your setup by cloning app settings or by using the Application API.

    Watch the how-to video

    2. Add networks 

    Activate the networks you want to serve ads from on the platform and integrate their adapters. Automate network setup via CSV

    Learn how

    3. Set up your ad units 

    Configure the types of ads you want to serve in your apps.

    Learn how 

    4. Set up your hybrid waterfalls and instance rates 

    Create mediation groups and add instance rates for non-bidding networks.

    Watch the how-to video

    5. Check your app keys

    Confirm that each app key from the ironSource platform is correct in your apps’ integration.

    See your app keys


    Confirm integration success and test ad delivery

    Use the integration test suite to confirm each ad source you’ve set up on LevelPlay is correctly configured and check ads are loading and displaying successfully. 

    Learn how