Supported Metrics Description:

Metric Description
revenue Total amount of revenue generated
eCPM Effective cost per thousand impressions. eCPM is average revenue you receive for every thousand ad impressions. eCPM is calculated as (Total Earnings / Impressions) x 1000
appFillRate The number of times an ad was shown to users compared to the number of times an was requested from a specific ad source. The fill-rate for each ad source is calculated as Impressions / Mediation Requests. If you choose to break down by ad source, this metric will not return in the response.
appRequests Number of times your app requested an ad from the mediation layer. The amount of requests may differ based on filtering. If you choose to break down by ad source, this metric will not return in the response
impressions An ad impression is recorded whenever an ad is displayed in your app
completions For Rewarded Video: the amount of video completions. For Offerwall: the amount of completed offers
revenuePerCompletion The ratio of revenue generated in cents per completion, calculated as revenue / completions
appFills The number of ad requests that generated a positive response. If you choose to break down by ad source, this metric will not return in the response
useRate The ratio between impressions and fulfillments, calculated as impression events / total fulfillments
activeUsers Indicates the amount of daily active users (DAU); i.e. the average number of unique users who initiated an app session during a defined timeframe
engagedUsers The average of active users who engaged with an ad in your app; data is drawn from impression events
engagedUsersRate The ratio between engaged users and active users; calculated as engaged users / total active users
impressionsPerEngagedUser Portrays how many impressions were seen by engaged users; calculated as total impression events / total engaged users
revenuePerActiveUser Indicates the average revenue per active user (ARPU) in cents; calculated as total revenue/ total active users
revenuePerEngagedUser Indicates the revenue earned per engaged user in cents; calculated as total revenue / total engaged users
clicks The total number of times users clicked on ads served on your app
clickThroughRate The ratio between impressions and clicks; calculated as clicks / impressions
completionRate Indicates the amount of users to complete a defined action
adSourceChecks The amount of times an ad source is asked whether it is ready to show an ad
adSourceResponses The number of times an ad source had an ad available to show at the time of the request
adSourceAvailabilityRate The rate at which an ad source had an ad available when an ad was requested, calculated Impressions/ Ad Source Requests
sessions The sum of single periods of user interaction with your app (each SDK init generates a new session)
engagedSessions The sum of sessions in which a user interacts with an ad
impressionsPerSession The average amount of ads served throughout a single session, calculated as Impressions/Session
impressionPerEngagedSessions The average amount of ad impressions during an engaged session, calculated as Impressions/Engaged Sessions
sessionsPerActiveUser The average number of sessions generated by an active user on a daily basis, calculated as Sessions/Active User

Supported Metrics by Ad Unit:

Metric RewardedVideo Interstitial Offerwall Banner