Android Offerwall Integration

Integrate Offerwall | Checklist 

✔ Configure Callbacks
Configure callbacks before calling the init. We recommend utilizing server-to-server callbacks.

  • Server-to-server callbacks require adding the following to your project SupersonicConfig.getConfigObj().setClientSideCallbacks(false);
  • Client-side callbacks require adding the following to your project settingSupersonicConfig.getConfigObj().setClientSideCallbacks(true);

✔ Serve the Ad Unit
You will receive the ad unit’s availability status through the AvailabilityTrue callback, and  can then show the Offerwall with the IronSource.showOfferwall(placementName); method in the specific location in your code you’d like to serve the Offerwall in your app. Leave the brackets empty if using the default placement.

✔ Reward Your User
Make sure to reward your users after they complete an offer.

  • Server-to-Server Callbacks: respond [EVENT_ID]:OK to the callback and then reward your users. Make sure not to reward your users twice for the same callback.
  • Client-side Callbacks:  make sure you’ve implementedpublic boolean onOfferwallAdCredited(int credits, int totalCredits, boolean totalCreditsFlag) method and you return True after rewarding the user.

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