Init with Context

Starting from the ironSource SDK 7.3.1, app developers will be able to initialize the ironSource SDK without the activity parameter, and instead share the activity parameter when ads are shown, for Interstitial and Rewarded Video.

Supported networks: ironSource, UnityAds, Meta, Google, AppLovin.

Serve Interstitial Ad with activity – Beta

Init Interstitial Ad with application Context:

//Init Interstitial
IronSource.init(context, appKey, IronSource.AD_UNIT.INTERSTITIAL);

Show Interstitial Ad with activity:

// Show interstitial 
// Show interstitial with placement 
IronSource.showInterstitial(activity ,placementName);

Serve Video Ad with activity – Beta

Init Rewarded video Ad with application Context:

//Init Rewarded video
IronSource.init(context, appKey, IronSource.AD_UNIT.REWARDED_VIDEO);

Show Rewarded video Ad with activity:

// Show Rewarded Video 
// Show Rewarded Video with placement
IronSource.showRewardedVideo(activity ,placementName);

Supported SDK and adapters for init with Context:

Network SDK Adapter
Applovin 11.10.1 4.3.39
Google AdMob 22.1.0 4.3.37
Meta 6.14.0 4.3.42
Unity Ads 4.7.1 4.3.30