Mediated network adapters

An adapter is the component you add in your app to enable ad networks to be supported within your mediation integration. It is the technical enablement for mediation to include multiple networks. The adapter wraps the ad network SDK and allows you to perform all of your integration using only the ironSource SDK.

An adapter is available for every network mediated through Unity LevelPlay.

Integrate the latest adapters

To learn how to integrate the Unity LevelPlay network adapters, select a platform:


When are new adapters released

When an ad network updates their SDK, ironSource updates the mediated network adapter to make sure the latest SDK is available for you.

ironSource releases new adapters in the following cases:

  • A new version of a network SDK was released
  • Integration bug fixes
  • There are new Unity LevelPlay features that are enabled for the network (new ad units, support for new network functionalities, etc.)

You can find the latest network adapters inside each platform Change Log within the knowledge center Developer Docs.