Application User ID

User ID Usage

User ID is a unique Identifier that will differentiate between your different users. IronSource systems use it to know which user to reward upon successful ad completion through server-to-server callbacks.

Most of the calls to ironSource systems must include the User ID in order to sync the user data of your app with ironSource database.

Create a User ID

There are a couple of ways to generate a User ID, while it must be a unique string for each one of your users.

  • Method 1: assign an incremental number to each of your signed up users.
  • Method 2: use IDFV (Identifier for Vendor) for iOS or AID (Advertising ID) for Android.


SDK 6.4 and below:

NSString *idfv = [[[UIDevice currentDevice] identifierForVendor]UUIDString];

SDK 6.5 and above:

NSString *idfv = [IronSource advertiserId];


Note: This method cannot be called in the main thread as it may block leading to ANRs; we recommend running this on a different thread in the background. For more information, read more on Google APIs References.

SDK 6.4 and below:

final String id = AdvertisingIdClient.getAdvertisingIdInfo(this).getId();

SDK 6.5 and above:

final String id = IronSource.getAdvertiserId(Activity);

For Unity you can use the following Unity’s guidelines.