iSX is more powerful than ever

ironSource Exchange logo on blue background

The ironSource Exchange has automatically connected you with the top DSPs through ironSource Network for 3+ years. Now iSX is more powerful than ever, with even more features coming soon to maximize your ARPDAU.

  • Tap into premium brand demand
    Serve quality ads from the biggest brands and performance marketers through nearly 100 of the highest-impact global programmatic partners.
  • Leverage the Open Measurement SDK 
    Drive performance and keep your app safe with Open Measurement built into the ironSource SDK—no additional integration required.
  • Get full data transparency
    See iSX as a unique ad source in your LevelPlay reports. You can also break down revenue, win rates, and impressions by DSP for extreme visibility in real time pivot reports. 
  • Monetize direct deals
    Run private marketplace deals, tag-based direct-sold campaigns, and cross promotion campaigns that compete in a unified auction.
  • Use all supported ad units
    Display engaging rewarded video, interstitial, and banner/MREC ads in multiple sizes.