February 15, 2024

Automate your network setup

LevelPlay’s latest automation simplifies the process of setting up mediated networks. In a click, you can easily add mediated networks to your bidding stack without switching between platforms.

Use the auto-setup for these popular networks:

•  Unity Ads
•  Google
•  Mintegral
…and more coming soon

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Exciting new updates for Ad Quality

Now you have more flexibility when creating rules in Ad Quality, so you can be notified of any problematic ad content showing in your apps. When creating a rule, you can now:

  • Select which countries the rule should apply to

  • Get notified on the creative or advertiser level

  • Choose which fields to include in the notification email

  • Choose between AND or OR when adding multiple triggers
  • Bulk upload advertisers via CSV for notifications if they advertise in your app

Additionally, you can search and filter by keyword on the Ad Quality Creatives and Analysis pages. This includes popular filters such as title, developer, website, Android package name, and iOS App Store ID.

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Updates to terms and conditions

Effective February 15, 2024, the ironSource Platform Terms and Conditions will be updated to the Unity Advertising Terms of Service.

Read the Terms of Service

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