Introducing the all new LevelPlay

Major upgrades are coming to LevelPlay mediation over the coming months, all designed to accelerate your app growth, reduce manual overhead, and give you more control over your monetization.

  • Multiple ad units – Load multiple ad units at the same time to drive ARPDAU and reduce latency. You can create a dynamic waterfall setup, customize the waterfall by in-app placement, and display multiple banners on-screen.
  • Major network UA tech upgrades  Powered by a new generation of machine learning tech, the Unity Ads and ironSource Ads networks will make LevelPlay publishers’ UA more impactful than ever, with additional optimizations to be released on an ongoing basis.
  • One home for Unity growth data – Access an instant snapshot of the health of your app portfolio across Unity Ads, ironSource Ads, LevelPlay, and Ad Quality. You’ll be able to see UA and revenue data side-by-side, compare performance over set time periods, view combined network performance, and more.
  • Platform experience revamp  The all-new LevelPlay makes it simpler than ever to grow your game. It’ll take fewer steps to manage and optimize your ad strategy, with smoother platform functionality and greater ease-of-use.

These exciting features are rolling out soon, so stay tuned!

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