June 15, 2023

2 new industry-first metrics available in Ad Quality

Ad Quality has released 2 new metrics that give you a level of insight into your app that no other platform currently offers:

  • Churn windows – View and analyze the churn rate for D1, D3, D7, and D14 on Ad Quality’s Analysis and Creatives pages. Use these insights to adjust your ad strategy and meet your retention goals.
  • Ad escape UX pattern – See the number of times an ad wasn’t closed properly by users. This could be due to the ad causing your app to crash or freeze, or a user decided to force quit the app when the ad was shown. Create a rule for the ad escape UX pattern with your desired threshold so you can get notified as soon as an ad becomes problematic.

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New Instances API version released

The LevelPlay Instance API enables you to manage your instances on Unity LevelPlay without logging into the platform. The new Instance API version includes performance improvements, supports A/B test groups, allows you to add instances to groups from your dev environment, and more.

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Ad Quality’s UX patterns feature identifies potential issues with your users’ ad experience by alerting you to high CTR rates, bounce rates, churn rates, and more.

With the new Ad Quality UX thresholds page, you can customize UX patterns alert thresholds for each ad unit, and choose to be notified when a threshold is exceeded.

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Bidding test tool has been deprecated

The bidding test tool was deprecated on May 30.

To test network bidders against their traditional waterfall instances, use the A/B testing tool.

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Unity LevelPlay has a new home on LinkedIn

Start following the Unity Grow page on LinkedIn so you never miss the latest feature releases, best practices, and more from Unity LevelPlay, ironSource Ads, and Unity Ads.

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