November 1, 2023

Control your A/B traffic split
Split your A/B test traffic any way you like to roll out tests to your audience gradually. You have the flexibility to apply your test to any 5% increment using the A/B test traffic splitter. The feature is in closed beta, so reach out to your account manager for access.
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Digital Turbine Exchange in-app bidding open to all publishers (open beta)

Add the Digital Turbine bidder to your monetization stack to build a more robust monetization strategy and drive competition for your inventory. Activate the bidder on the rewarded video, interstitial, and banner ad units.

Minimum ironSource SDK version: 7.2.5

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Choose which data you see in Ad Quality

With the new column picker, you can choose which metrics show on the Creatives and Analysis pages, so you can focus on the insights that matter most to your app business.

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Join the Ad Quality UX patterns webinar

UX patterns uncover issues that can impact your user expereince like ads not closing properly, lengthy ads, and ghost clicks. You can use UX patterns to identify these recurring problems and report them to mediated networks so you can maintain a positive user experience.

The webinar will cover:

  • All the UX patterns you have access to
  • Where in Ad Quality you can see UX patterns
  • Best practices for monitoring UX patterns daily
  • How to get notified about UX patterns in your apps
  • How to set UX pattern thresholds fit your genre

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