Offerwall best practices for UA

Offerwall ad campaigns are a great way to acquire high-quality users cost-effectively. With a smart offerwall user acquisition strategy, advertisers can acquire motivated users that engage with the app for a long time, generating very high ARPUs.

The key is to optimize toward ROAS, set the right events, and capitalize on high traffic. These best practices will help you maximize growth from your offerwall campaigns.

Trust the data (not your gut)

To strike the right balance between event depth and player engagement, choose events and pricing by looking at the LTV and retention curves, rather than by working on a hunch. Find the points in which retention is still high without having to compromise too much for the ARPU, and you’ll see positive growth.

Increase your bids around holidays and special promotions

Enjoy higher conversion rates with high quality users by raising your bids when publishers run special promotions. Your ironSource AM will notify you when special promotions are running; but you can be sure of increased activity around long weekends and holidays in the USA.

A/B test multiple events

To find the events that convert best within your game and drive quality traffic, try A/B testing. Choose events that users will understand, like “defeat the level 5 monster” and “reach level 10”; then run multiple campaigns with these events until you’ve optimized conversion.

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