Offerwall best practices

Follow these tips to make your offerwall work for you.


  • Customize the offerwall to complement your app’s unique look and feel

Optimize your traffic drivers

  • Traffic drivers should be visible, accessible and easy to find
  • Use multiple traffic drivers
    • Home screen – first page the user sees
    • Store – visible, prominent location
    • Stats bar – top and/or bottom of the screen
    • Natural breaks in gameplaywhen user is trying to complete an action but is lacking in-app currency
  • Clear call to action button

Set the right rewards

  • Reward users with hard currency
  • Use at least the same IAP conversion rate as your shop
  • Optimize to maximum LTV, including both IAP and ads

Understand placements

  • Increase currency exchange rates to serve different users, based on the user’s level. For example, you could set $1 = 100 Diamonds on early levels and $1 = 300 Diamonds on advanced levels
  • Implement multiple reward currencies, like diamonds, gems, and coins
  • Segment users by paying/non-paying, advanced users/new users, Geo, and more
  • Use the reporting tool to measure revenue for each offerwall placement

Run monthly special promotions

Offerwall multi credit promotions are a proven way to increase engagement, retention, and overall revenue for app developers. The promotions range from 1.5x to 10x the standard rewards offered to users, for a limited time period, and should be run no more than once or twice per month to ensure the stability of the in-app economy.

Learn more about the best practices for special promotions.