Offerwall special promotion best practices

Multiple credit promotions are temporary special offerwall promotions that reward users with a credit multiplier on all offers. The multiplier can be set to anything from 1.5 – 10x, in increments of 0.5.

Why you should run a multi credit promotion

  • Increase in all main performance metrics – ER, ARPDAU, revenue 
  • Helps sustain long term retention and IAP, as the credits allow users to progress further in the game 
  • Introduce new users to the offerwall and increase long term ER 

Make your multi credit promotion visible

Visible multi credit promo notifications lead to higher engagement rates with your users.

  • Increase user awareness through push notifications, banners, and special creatives
  • Notify users early on in the game to direct new users to the offerwall
  • Boost your growth loop with heavy UA prior to and during the multi credit promotion to maximize profit

    Measure the full impact of the promotion over time 

    The impact of the special promo should be measured not only on the days of the promotion, but over a time period which depends on the type of offers that are running: the deeper the events are, the longer the revenue will stream in.

    • Duration of the revenue stream depends on the time it takes to complete the offers
    • Additional uplift can be experienced days after the promotion ends due to increased engagement with the offerwall

    When to run a multi credit promotion 

      • During a large UA push –  When you’ve just acquired new users, an offerwall special promotion can not only help you monetize them but also help you retain them since users who engage with the offerwall tend to stay and play longer
      • When there’s a sale on IAP – Since the offerwall is another form of IAP, the value a user gets from an IAP sale should be mirrored with an offerwall promotion
      • Once or twice per month – Preserve the strength of your in-app economy by limiting your special promotions to once or twice per month.
      • Over US holiday weekends – Apps have the most traffic when schools and offices are closed, so holidays are the greatest opportunities to engage users and generate more revenue. Each month, ironSource organizes cross-network special promotions, so both publishers and advertiser partners can enjoy maximum impact. You can schedule your special promotions in advance according to the following calendar:

    January – New Year’s weekend
    February – President’s Day weekend
    March – weekend mid-March
    April – Easter weekend
    May – Memorial Day weekend
    June – weekend mid-June
    July – Independence Day weekend
    August – weekend mid-August
    September – Labor Day weekend
    OctoberColumbus Day / Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend
    November – Thanksgiving Day weekend
    December – Week of Christmas