Offerwall special promotion

Offerwall special promotions are a proven way to increase engagement, retention, and overall revenue for app developers. You can set an ironSource offerwall promotion from 1.5x to 10x the standard rewards offered to your users, for a limited time period.

What it looks like

Your special promotion offerwall will look something like this:

Benefits of running a special promotion

By offering increased value rewards, you give your users additional incentives to engage with the offerwall and complete offerwall tasks. This in turn improves user engagement and offer completion rates, leading to higher ad revenue and growth in IAP (since users get a taste of in-game boosts). 

In addition, when you let your account manager know that you’re planning a special promotion, this information will be shared with offerwall advertisers to encourage them to bid higher for your traffic. 

How to set up a special promotion

You can set up a special promotion on your offerwall in a matter of minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your ad units and placements, then select Offerwall 
  2. Click on Activate special promotion 

    Activate special promotion

    3. Select the reward multiplier (1.5-10x)

    4. Set the start date, time and duration

    Activate special promotion

    We recommend scheduling your multi credit promotions to coincide with the holidays in the USA.

    2023 special promotions

    Each month, ironSource organizes cross-network special promotions, so both publishers and advertiser partners can enjoy maximum impact. Most of the special promotions are scheduled around U.S. holidays, which bring increased traffic from school and work breaks.

    January 20-22 – Mid-winter weekend

    February 11-14 – Valentine’s Day

    February 24-25 – Booster weekend

    March 10-12 – Welcome Spring

    March 17-19 – St. Patrick’s Day

    March 31-April 3 – April Fools’ weekend

    April 7 -10 – Easter weekend

    May 12-14 – Mother’s day weekend

    May 26-28 – Memorial Day weekend

    June 9-11 – Summertime weekend

    June 23-25 – Longest day of the year

    July 1-4 – Independence Day weekend

    July 14- 16 – Mid-summer weekend

    August 4-6 – Summer booster

    August 18-21 – Back to school promotion

    September 1-4 – Labor Day weekend

    September 21-24 – Start of Autumn weekend

    October 6-9 – Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day

    October 27-31 – Halloween

    November 10-12 – Mid-autumn weekend

    November 23-27 – Thanksgiving and Black Friday

    December 8-10 – Start of Winter special

    December 22-25 – Christmas

    December 29-January 1 – New Year sale