How to use the mediation migration tool

The LevelPlay mediation migration tool tackles the work of migrating to a new mediation partner, to help eliminate manual overhead from what can be an incredibly time-consuming and mistake-prone process.

To seamlessly transfer your mediation from MoPub to LevelPlay, follow these steps:

  1. Submit this form with the email associated with your ironSource account. If you don’t already have an ironSource account, sign up for one here
  2. Download the ironSource SDK and integrate it into your apps
  3. Migration of the monetization stack that’s associated with your email will begin without any manual work on your part
    • Your apps in MoPub will be created in LevelPlay
      • If your app was monetizing with ironSource Network, your app key will be preserved and the app will be duplicated on LevelPlay 
    • The bidders and traditional line items visible through MoPub’s Management API will be created as instances in LevelPlay
      • If you’re using a network not supported by LevelPlay, it won’t be migrated
      • If you’re using a custom network, you’ll need to manually configure it
    • Any ironSource Network non-bidding/traditional instances will be migrated to bidding
    • The waterfalls for each app will be created in your Mediation Management
  4. Check out your waterfalls and make any desired changes 
    • Double check that your network credentials are configured correctly
    • Fine tune your groups and segments to ensure they’re perfect

That’s it!