What the SDK is used for

What is the ironSource SDK

A software development kit, or SDK, is a piece of code that lets mobile apps connect to third-party services and technologies. SDKs allow for a rich set of technological capabilities by being deeply embedded in an app, delivering an expansive set of tools.

Integrating the SDK

When you integrate the SDK, you import the SDK library file into your project so you can use that file’s functions. Integrating the ironSource SDK into your mobile app project gives you access to ironSource’s mediation and ad network technology to serve in-app ads.

Before you can start monetizing your app, you’ll need to integrate the ironSource SDK.

Download the SDK

You should download the SDK that corresponds to the platform you’re using to develop your game. ironSource continually upgrades the SDK to provide more mediation, network and platform features. In addition, new versions are created to support the latest market requirements and to improve the mediation product, as a whole. By using the latest SDK, you’ll benefit from all the new developments.

To download the latest version of the ironSource SDK, click here.


The adapters are the software units that link between Unity LevelPlay – Unity’s mediation solution – and the ad networks you work with. Adapters allow you to perform one integration with the ironSource SDK and display ads that are sourced from different ad networks.

Each adapter supports a specific network SDK version.  The release of new adapters is to add functionalities, make sure the latest networks’ SDKs are supported, and to improve the product.