ironSource SDK Error Codes

ironSource provides an error feedback mechanism to provide explanation for any failure in the SDK integration. You will receive these errors when something went wrong or an aspect of the integration wasn’t completed correctly.

The ironSource Error object contains an error code and message. These are all the possible errors and their message based on their functions:

Error Codes Ad Unit Description
508 N/A • Calling a Demand Only API in non Demand Only mode
• Calling a non Demand Only API in Demand Only mode
509 Interstitial Show Fail: No ads to show
Rewarded Video
510 Interstitial Load Fail: Server response failed
Load Fail: Adapters loading failure
520 Interstitial Show Fail: No internet connection; 
ShouldTrackNetworkState is enabled
Rewarded Video Show Fail: No internet connection
524 Interstitial Show Fail: Placement %@ has reached its limit as defined per pace
Show Fail: Placement %@ has reached its capping limit
Rewarded Video
526 Interstitial Show Fail: Ad unit has reached its daily cap per session
Rewarded Video
1022 Rewarded Video Show Fail: Cannot show an RV while another RV is showing
1023 Rewarded Video Show Fail: Show RV called when there are no available ads to show
1036 Interstitial Show Fail: Cannot show an interstitial while another interstitial is showing
1037 Interstitial Load Fail: Cannot load an interstitial while another interstitial is showing