Artifacts have moved from Bintray to GitHub

Due to the sunset of JFrog Bintray, all ironSource artifacts are now available on GitHub. Here’s what you need to do to keep your integration running smoothly.

Update your repository definitions

Make sure you replace your current Maven repository definitions with this one::

repositories {
     maven {url ''}

You can find Android repository definitions for each network here.

No impact on Unity and iOS integrations

If you’ve integrated the ironSource SDK and adapters using the Unity Integration Manager, you don’t need to change anything in your configuration. The repository is handled by ironSource and will update automatically once you upgrade the ironSource SDK or adapters. This also applies to iOS, if you’re using pod integration. 

Where to find old SDK and adapter versions

All old ironSource SDK and adapter versions will be available on JFrog Bintray until February 2022, but no new versions will be added. Both new and old versions are available on GitHub.

Manual integrations

If you integrate manually, you can download the ironSource SDK and adapters from GitHub. Android versions are also available here and iOS versions are available here.