Mediating ironSource through AdMob

This guide is for integrating ironSource Interstitial & Rewarded Video Ads through the AdMob Mediation SDK. ironSource is a certified partner within AdMob Mediation. (See – AdMob supported Mediation partners).

  • Download ironSource SDK
    • iOS
      • CocoaPods (recommended) – add the following line to your project’s Podfile:
        pod 'GoogleMobileAdsMediationIronSource'
      • Manual integration – Follow ironSource iOS SDK ‘Manual Integration’.
    • Android
    • Unity
      • Import the ironSource package as described here.
  • Follow Admob guide for adding a ‘supported network’ 
    • Guide available here – iOS / Android / Unity.
    • You will need your account’s Secret Key to connect to AdMob. Your Secret Key can be found under ‘My Account’ -> ‘Reporting API’ on the top right corner of your LevelPlay dashboard.
    • Make sure to add the iS adapter, as explained above (see “Download ironSource SDK”).
  • Instances
    (Instances setup allows you to utilize ironSource network demand in several Mediation Groups for the same app)
    • Click on ‘Mediation Groups’ under Mediation in the AdMob dashboard.
    • Click ‘Create Mediation Group’
      • Choose ad unit (Interstitial, Rewarded video, etc…).
      • Choose platform.
      • Enter the ‘name’ (i.e. “ironSource Group”).
      • Click on ‘Add ad unit’
      • Choose the relevant ad unit from the list under the relevant application.
    • Setup ad source with dedicated ironSource Instance ID:
      • Click ‘Add Ad Network’ and select ironSource.
      • Enter eCPM value.
      • Enter the ‘App Key’.
      • For ‘Instance ID’, set the instance ID for ironSource network (Guide for creation of instances in the iS dashboard can be found here).
      • Click ‘Save’.

Done! You are now all set to deliver ironSource ads through AdMob’s Mediation platform.