Start running A/B tests by ad unit

You’ve got access to powerful new A/B test tools on LevelPlay, designed to help you perfect your monetization strategy. Here’s what’s new:

1. Run tests on the ad unit level
A/B test each ad unit separately to optimize your app’s performance with greater flexibility. You can easily add more ad units to a test, or stop a test on an ad unit at any time.

As always, you’ve got access to app-level data, so you can keep tracking metrics like ARPU and retention.
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2. Start tests where you manage your ad strategy
Create new A/B tests on the Mediation Management page and Ad Units and Placements page—the same places where you manage your hybrid waterfall, capping, pacing, and rewards.
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3. Get more visibility into all of your tests
Enjoy a streamlined view of every A/B test in your account on the dedicated A/B test platform page.
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4. See your A/B test data in real time
Get your live A/B test results in real time pivot, so you can take immediate action.
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Build your strongest monetization strategy with LevelPlay A/B testing.
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