Real time pivot

The Real time pivot reports provide advanced reporting capabilities, allowing you to slice and dice multiple dimensions and measures and compare different time periods in real time. 

You can easily break down your data to deeply analyze your activity, while choosing between several graph options to view your results in the most convenient way.

Tracking your performance in a visual format makes it easy to understand trends in real time!

To get started, contact us or reach out to your account manager to get immediate access to real time pivot reports.

LevelPlay dashboard 

Use the LevelPlay Dashboard to view data for all demand sources (Mediation Network, ironSource Exchange and Direct Deals) within a single view.

Create different views of your data to analyze your performance by various measures and dimensions.

ironSource Exchange (iSX) dashboard 

Use the ironSource Exchange (iSX) dashboard to access high-level and granular reporting for iSX demand. Drill down deeper into the exchange demand and see which DSPs are contributing to your revenue.

There might be a discrepancy between ironSource Exchange and LevelPlay dashboards. 

Measures and definitions

  • Revenue: Represents the bid data which participates in the auction. For non-bidding demand source as well as FAN bidding this data is based on manual rate setup or historical CPM performance. On average, ‘Revenue’ stands within ±3% of your actual revenue, while it shouldn’t be used to audit final Invoices.
  • Impressions: The total number of times ad is shown
  • eCPM: Estimated effective cost per thousand impressions; calculated by (Revenue / Impressions) * 1000`
  • Auctions: The total number of LevelPlay auctions
  • Bidding only measures:
    • Bid Requests: The total number of times a bidding ad source was requested to offer a bid
    • Bid Response: The total number of times a bidding ad source responded with a valid bid
    • Wins: The total number of times an ad source (ad network or iSX bidder) won the auction
    • Bid Rate:  The total number of bid responses divided by total number of bid requests
    • Win Rate: The total number of wins divided by the total number of bid responses
    • Render Rate: The total number of impressions divided by the the total number of bid responses
    • Survival Rate: The total number of impressions divided by the the total number of wins
    • Timeout Rate: The proportion of bid responses that resulted in auction timeout response
    • Response Timeout: Number of bid responses resulted with auction timeout  
  • Unique users
    • Unique users: Number of unique devices
    • Rev/Uniques (¢): The revenue generated per unique user
    • Imp/Uniques: The impressions generated per unique user
  • Clicks: The total number of clicks. Available in iSX dashboard only
  • CTR: Click through rate; calculated by (Clicks / Impressions) *1000. Available in iSX dashboard only

* CPM bucket is a unique dimension that is exclusively available in the LevelPlay real time pivot data.

How to access Real Time Pivot reports

To start using Real Time Pivot dashboards, follow these steps:

Step 1. Contact your iS account manager to get login information 

Step 2. Choose the dashboard you want to access

Step 3. Define your dimensions 

Step 4. Define your measures

Use the compare option by selecting your desired date range

Step 5. Choose your data view

ironSource also enables you to download your data to a CSV format