February 13, 2023

Google in-app bidding announced for LevelPlay

Google demand (Google Ads, Display & Video 360) for in-app bidding is now in closed beta for a limited number of publishers on Unity LevelPlay. Google in-app bidding within Unity LevelPlay, gives publishers streamlined access to premium advertisers, providing better opportunities to monetize inventory. 

Reach out to your account manager for more details

Pause ad delivery by ad unit 

You now have the ability to temporarily pause ad delivery of a configured network’s ad unit directly from the SDK Networks page. This can be particularly useful to help determine if a network is causing issues in your app.

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Track Ad Quality notifications with new trends graph

Use the trends graph on the Ad Quality Notifications page to see which rules are being triggered the most. Then, investigate which ad sources and advertisers are supplying problematic ads.  

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Latest Ad Quality SDK updates

Ad Quality SDK  7.8.1 was recently released. Upgrade to enjoy the most up-to-date reporting capabilities.

Ad Quality SDK 7.8.1 includes: 

  • Bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements 
  • Banners support for Pangle version and Vungle version 6.7.0+
  • Increased DSP coverage
  • Support for Yahoo, Line Ads, and Smaato networks
  • New network version support – AdMob 21.4.0, UnityAds 4.5.0, Smaato 22.0.1

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