March 27, 2023

New ad latency metrics available in real time pivot

Get insights into waterfall and instance latency to build a faster-loading waterfall and earn untapped revenue.

View waterfall latency to understand which apps are experiencing high ad latency. Then drill down by instance latency to identify which instances are causing the issue and should be removed.

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Verify integration with the new test suite

Easily confirm all mediated networks are set up to monetize—directly from your mobile test device.

Confirm each ad source you’ve set up on LevelPlay is correctly configured, check ads are loading and displaying successfully, and more. 

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Get notified about ad UX patterns

Use Ad Quality to get alerted when ads in your apps generate UX issues. You can now create rules that are triggered by UX patterns like high CTR, high bounce rate, and long ad duration.

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Ad Quality supports BidMachine

BidMachine has joined the 25+ networks whose creatives and related data you can see with Ad Quality. View the BidMachine creatives displayed in your Android apps, along with revenue per creative, advertiser-level impressions, and all other KPIs.

Minimum Ad Quality SDK version: 7.9.0. Download it here.

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Boost revenue with custom adapter banners on Android

You now have even more monetization options with custom adapter banner/MREC support for Andorid on LevelPlay.  

You’ll need to upgrade to ironSource SDK 7.3.0 to monetize with custom adapter banners/MREC on Android. 

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Vungle network rebranded to Liftoff Monetize

Liftoff has rebranded the Vungle network to Liftoff Monetize, which is now reflected in the Unity LevelPlay platform. There is no action required to integrate Liftoff Monetize if you’ve been monetizing with Vungle. The name of the Vungle SDK has not been changed.

The Liftoff SDK will be deprecated on April 3, and all Liftoff instances will be removed from your mediation stack automatically.

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