Move from Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay

To move your app’s mediation from Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay, follow these steps. It will be easiest to have a tab open with your Unity Mediation dashboard and a tab open for Unity LevelPlay.

Step 1: Create an ironSource account

If you already have an ironSource account, skip to step 2. To create your account, go to the ironSource sign-up page

Step 2:  Integrate the ironSource Mediation SDK 

Integrate the ironSource SDK by following this guide.

Step 3: Add an app to LevelPlay

Before you start LevelPlay and Unity Mediation refer to the same features by different names. See a direct comparison in the migration glossary.

Log in to your ironSource account. In the top right corner, click New App and enter the details of the apps you want to move over from Unity Mediation one by one. Learn how to add an app to your ironSource account.

Step 4: Configure network account settings 

On the ironSource platform, go to SDK Networks and click Manage Networks. Click on the ad networks you’ve been using on Unity Mediation and enter your credentials.

Learn more about how to activate networks.

Step 5: Configure your app identifier and instances  

Once you’ve set up the networks, you’ll be directed to the Manage Networks page showing the app you added to your account: 

  1. Select the app you added, and you’ll see the networks that you activated. Click Setup next to a network

2. On your Unity dashboard, locate the unique identifiers by going to Monetization, Current Project, then Waterfalls 

3. Select the relevant waterfall 

4. Click CSV tools in the top right corner and select Download Waterfall Configuration. The downloaded CSV file will contain the following information:

  • Line Item Type (bidding, ecpm, backfill)
  • Network Name
  • Line Item Name
  • CPM (When Applicable)
  • Instance ID

5. Use the CSV to copy and paste the app level unique identifiers and each line item, into the setup screen that opened on LevelPlay in step 1. Learn more about managing instances

Note: Line items are called instances in LevelPlay and eCPM Target is called rate.

Repeat this process for each app you’ve added to your account.

Step 6: Update the project’s ads provider

In your Unity dashboard: 

  1. Go to monetization, then Settings, and click the edit button next to Mediation partner

2. Select Third Party Mediation, and from the dropdown Mediation Partner menu, select ironSource Mediation. Click Save.

Note: Changing your ads provider only affects which pages are visible to you. You don’t need to update any placement-level settings since your mediation and waterfall configurations will remain the same behind the scenes. Disabling placements will pause Unity Ads from serving ads.

Step 7: Manage your waterfall

Once you set up the ad networks on your LevelPlay dashboard, you can serve mediated ads on your app based on eCPM prediction and country.

Click on Mediation under Management and select the app you want to manage. Then, select the ad unit and configure its settings. Learn more about additional LevelPlay capabilities here

Step 8: Test your setup

Once you’ve completed the integration, you can test the mediated networks ad delivery on specific devices. Learn how

👏 Done! You're now on Unity LevelPlay  

Learn more about all the industry-leading features available to you on Unity LevelPlay.