Monetization management APIs

Manage every aspect of your app monetization through LevelPlay with a suite of APIs. 

Before you start implementing a LevelPlay API, make sure to add an authorization header for authentication. Learn how

Reporting APIs

Reporting API 

Use the Reporting API to receive all the reporting data from the monetization ad units you serve with LevelPlay. The Reporting API includes such as revenue, impressions, active users, and many more across several breakdowns and filters. 

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Impression Level Revenue SDK API 

The Impression Level Revenue (ILR) SDK API provides impression-level data for ironSource Ads and mediated networks, in real time. You can integrate ILR via server-side API, via SDK API, or both.

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Impression Level Revenue Server-Side API

The impression level revenue (ILR) server side API provides both device level and impression level data for ironSource Ads and your mediation ad sources.

Revenue is calculated based on the eCPM of each impression, according to the app, network, country, and instance.

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Ad Quality raw data API

Pull impression-level data from Ad Quality to use on your internal BI platform. The response includes user ID, ad unit, ad source, device model, revenue, creative type, creative ID, and more.

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Management APIs

Mediation Management API

Use the Mediation Management API to create and manage all your group and waterfall configurations on LevelPlay.

  • Get a list of your application mediation groups and matching waterfall setups
  • Create, update, and delete a mediation group and its waterfall setup

Note: The Mediation Management API will not work if you have a test running in your app.

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Groups API v3

Use this API to manage mediation groups on the LevelPlay dashboard. The API supports the following:

  • Managing mediation groups setup
  • Managing WaterFalls per mediation group

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Application API

Use the Application API to add an app to your LevelPlay account and get a list of your applications on LevelPlay.

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Instance API v4

Manage your instances on LevelPlay with the Instances API. Requests are limited to 1 application per call.

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ironSource Ads Instances API

Use this API to manage your traditional (non-bidding) instances for the ironSource Ads network on external mediations.

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Placements API

The Placements API enables you to manage where and how ads are served in your app. 

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