Impression Level Revenue SDK API

The Impression Level Revenue (ILR) SDK API  provides impression level data for ironSource Ads and other mediated networks, using the ironSource SDK. This is an alternative to consuming the ILR data, and is added to the ILR API request. Developers can integrate ILR via server-side API, via SDK API, or both.

Using ILR via server-side API provides data with a 1 day delay. Using the ILR SDK API enables real-time ILR data immediately once the ad is shown, and allows integration of the app’s impression data with 3rd party reporting tools or proprietary optimization tools and databases.

The ILR SDK API is supported from SDK 7.0.3+ for Android, iOS and Unity, and is provided only when bidding instances are included as part of the waterfall. 

How to use the ILR SDK API

  1. Ensure that you have integrated ironSource SDK 7.0.3+ and that you have at least one bidder instance in your waterfall.
  2. Register to ironSource impressionData Listeners

Step 1: Integrate ironSource SDK

Integrate ironSource SDK 7.0.3+:

Step 2: Register to ironSource Listener

The ironSource SDK fires several events to inform you about impression data. This listener is optional, and you should use it only as part of the ILR implementation process. This listener will provide you information about all ad-units, and you’ll be able to identify the different ads, using the impression level revenue.

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ILR fields

Impression level revenue is returned as part of the ImpressionData object. Here’s a list of the relevant data fields, including description and type.

Parameter Name Description Data Type
auctionId Unique identifier for the auction String
adUnit The ad unit displayed (Rewarded Video/Interstitial/Banner) String
adNetwork The ad network name that served the ad String
instanceName The ad network instance name as defined on the platform. For bidding sources, the instance name will be ‘Bidding’ String
instanceId Identifier per network, this includes the ad network’s
country Country code ISO 3166-1 format String
placement The placement the user is related to String
revenue The revenue generated for the impression (USD). The revenue value is either estimated or exact, according to the precision (see precision field description) Double
precision The source value of the revenue field:
BID – The revenue provided as part of the real-time auction (Not supported by FAN bidders)
RATE – manual price the publisher assigned to an instance in the ironSource platform
CPM – Calculation based on historical instance performance, performed by ironSource platform
ab Indication if A/B test was activated via ironSource platform String
segmentName The segment the user is related to as defined based on the segmentation method String
lifetimeRevenue The accumulated value of the user ad revenue Double
encryptedCPM Relevant for ads provided by Meta Audience Network only, and will be reported to publishers approved by Meta Audience Network within the closed beta String
Note: ILR SDK postbacks information does not include data that can be retrieved from the device itself, such as IDFA / GAID, device model, or device make. 

How to use ILR within your application

After integrating ironSource SDK 7.0.3+ and implementing the listeners and callbacks, you can process the relevant data. The impressionData will be returned to you as part of the callback information, on impression success (ad was displayed correctly). The ImpressionData includes easy-access APIs to get each field separately, or an allData API, that returns a Json-represented string.

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