Your iOS 14 readiness checklist

iOS 14

Apple is expected to start enforcing new privacy guidelines in early spring, and ironSource is ready.  We’ll share more information about the solutions in support of SKAN and upcoming changes to the user acquisition platform in the coming weeks.

To make sure you’re ready for iOS 14.5, you can do the following right now:

  1. Upgrade all of your ad network SDKs to iOS14 compatible versions
    ➞ Download the latest ironSource SDK 7+
  2. Include all of your networks’ SKAdNetwork IDs in your iOS app’s plist to maximize the valid demand that can serve your inventory
    ➞ Make sure ironSource network is on your plist
  3. Adopt in-app bidding to help ensure that your app’s monetization is fully optimized
    → See which networks are bidding on LevelPlay
  4. Update your apps to run on to Xcode 12+

Learn more about iOS 14 readiness.