Mediated networks

Access ad inventory from these leading ad networks through ironSource mediation and in-app bidding.

ironSource x x x x
Ad Colony x x x x
AdMob x x x
Applovin x x x
CSJ (iOS) x x x
Chartboost x x x
Cross Promotion x x x
Direct Deals x x x
Facebook Audience Network x x x x
Fyber x x x
Google Ad Manager x x x
hyprMX x x
InMobi x x x
Maio x x
MyTarget x x x
Pangle  x x x
Smaato x (beta) x
Snap Audience Network (iOS) x x x
Tapjoy x x x
Tencent x x x
Unity Ads x x x
Vungle x x x

Learn how to set up and activate the in-app bidding network partners here.