iOS 14+ readiness with SDK7

SKAdNetwork 2.2 Support ironSource iOS SDK 7.1.12+ supports SKAdNetwork 2.2

ironSource SDK version 7 is compatible with iOS 14+ and supports SKAdNetwork.
To update your app, take the following steps:

  1. Integrate SDK7
  2. Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers
  3. Enable SKAdNetwork attribution
  4. Personalize your app’s message for Apple Tracking Authorization  

Integrate SDK7

Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers

ironSource SDK7 includes SKAdNetwork support. Update your app’s info.plist with the network IDs of all of the ad networks you work with to allow ads to appear in your app.
See Apple’s SKAdNetwork documentation to learn more.

ironSource SKAdNetwork identifier: su67r6k2v3.skadnetwork

Use the SKAdNetwork IDs Manager to get an updated list of all your ironSource mediated network IDs.

Enable SKAdNetwork attribution in your application

Integrating ironSource SDK7 is a great opportunity to update your code to support SKAdNetwork attribution. This will allow your app to send attribution information if you decide to advertise it in other apps.

Update your app code to report Apple with registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution or updateConversionValue(_:)

You can read more in Apple’s documentation, under the section called ‘The advertised app’s responsibilities are to:’.

Universal SKAN Reporting

To receive copies of winning install-validation postbacks from all of the demand sources for your advertised app, add the NSAdvertisingAttributionReportEndpoint key in your app’s Info.plist.

  1. Select Info.plist in the Project navigator in Xcode
  2. Click the Add button (+) beside a key in the property list editor and press Return
  3. Type the key name NSAdvertisingAttributionReportEndpoint
  4. Choose String from the pop-up menu in the Type column
  5. Type the URL:

Learn more about Universal SKAN reporting here.

Request Tracking Authorization

With iOS 14, Apple introduced a new mechanism for privacy and ad tracking – the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt

If you want to request user authorization to access app-related data, make sure to include the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription key in your app’s Information Property List (info.plist).

You can  update the <string> </string> section with your personal message to be displayed for your users as part of the ATT prompt. 

<string>Your Personalized Message here </string>

Learn more about Apple’s NSUserTrackingUsageDescription here