iOS 14 readiness with SDK7 for Adobe Air

ironSource SDK version 7 is compatible with iOS 14 and supports SKAdNetwork.
To update your app, take the following steps:

  1. Integrate SDK7
  2. Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers
  3. Enable SKAdNetwork attribution
  4. Request Tracking Authorization  

Integrate SDK7

ironSource SDK 7+ for Adobe-Air includes API changes, that allows you to support iOS 14. See the documentation here

Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers

ironSource SDK7 includes SKAdNetwork support. Update your app’s info.plist with the network IDs of all of the ad networks you work with to allow ads to appear in your app.
See Apple’s SKAdNetwork documentation to learn more.


You can find the ironSource network ID as well as mapping to all mediated network IDs here.

Enable SKAdNetwork attribution in your application

Updating to SDK7 is a great opportunity to update your code to support SKAdNetwork attribution. This will allow your app to send attribution information if you decide to advertise it in other apps.

As Adobe Air does not allow direct access to apple API, ironSource SDK allows you to register your app using the following API:



You can read more in Apple’s documentation, under the section called ‘The advertised app’s responsibilities are to:’.

Request Tracking Authorization

As part of the iOS 14 changes, apple introduced a new mechanism for privacy and ad tracking.
If you wish to request for user authorization to access app-related data, make sure to include NSUserTrackingUsageDescription key in your app’s

    <string>Text to be displayed </string>

    To present the authorization request, you can call the following API, which wraps Apple’s API requestTrackingAuthorization(completionHandler:)


    To view device’s authorization status Apple introduced AuthorizationStatus API. You can get the device’s status using ironSource API.

    var userStatus:int = IronSource.instance.trackingAuthorizationStatus();