Mediation Networks for Adobe Air

Unity LevelPlay supports interstitial and video ads, equipped with smart loading, ad placement technology and ad delivery optimization. You can now access the ad inventory of the mobile industry’s leading networks on Unity LevelPlay. Our Mediation solution is a new monetization tool that enhances user experience, offers better control on ad performance and significantly increases revenue!

The ironSource Adapters expedite the implementation of multiple ad networks in your app. An adapter contains the SDK of a specific ad network as well as the code needed to operate the ad network. There is no need to integrate any additional SDKs or implement any further code in your app unless indicated specifically in the table below.  It would just be extra work that has already been done for you!

Download Mediation Adapters

Follow the Ad Network Integration Guides from the table below to access premium ad inventory through our Mediation platform:

Ad network Adapter version Supported SDK version Ad units Adapter & SDK
4.3.40iOS 12.5.0 / Android 12.5.0
Adapter| SDK| iOS Frameworks|
4.3.27iOS 8.2.8 / Android 8.2.6
Adapter| SDK | Assets (Android)| AndroidX|
4.3.46iOS 6.15.0 / Android 6.17.0
Adapter| SDK | Dex File(Android) |
4.3.40iOS 11.3.0 / Android 23.0.0
Adapter| AndroidX| (Android) Google Play Services| (Android) Google Play Services Base| (iOS) GoogleMobileAds|
4.3.30iOS 7.3.2 / Android 7.3.2
Adapter| SDK| AndroidX|
4.3.18iOS 7.6.1 / Android 16.7.31
Adapter| non CN SDK|
4.3.32iOS 4.12.0 / Android 4.12.0
Adapter| SDK| Assets(Android)| AndroidX|

Note: Facebook for iOS and Google Play Services coming soon

Check ironSource SDK & Adapter Compatibility

SDK version 
is compatible with:
Ad network Adapter version
AppLovin 4.3.40
DT Exchange 4.3.27
Facebook 4.3.46
Google (AdMob and Ad Manager) 4.3.40
Liftoff Monetize 4.3.30
Mintegral 4.3.18
Unity Ads 4.3.32

Ad Network Integration Verification

The ironSource SDK provides an easy way to verify that your Rewarded Video Mediation integration was completed successfully. To verify your ironSource and additional Ad Networks integration, follow this document.