iOS 14 Network Support for Adobe Air

With the release of iOS 14, you are required to include the ad network IDs for all of your ad networks in the information property list file (Info.plist).

  1. Select Info.plist in the Project navigator in Xcode
  2. Click the Add button (+) beside a key in the property list editor and press Return
  3. Type the key name SKAdNetworkItems
  4. Choose Array from the pop-up menu in the Type column
  5. Create a dictionary item, and below it a single sting item per each skadnetwork
  6. Enter Key name SKAdNetworkIdentifier; the value for the key is the ad network identifier

You can also add SKAdNetworkItems to your Info.plist, by using this code: 


These ironSource mediated networks have shared their SKAdNetwork IDs, and their supported adapters are compatible with iOS 14: 

Network Supported adapter version (AIR) SKAdNetwork ID Additional SKAdNetwork IDs
ironSource 7.0.3 (SDK) su67r6k2v3.skadnetwork
AdMob 4.1.8 cstr6suwn9.skadnetwork View
AppLovin 4.1.7 ludvb6z3bs.skadnetwork View
Meta Audience
4.1.7 v9wttpbfk9.skadnetwork
UnityAds 4.1.7 4dzt52r2t5.skadnetwork View
Vungle 4.1.7 gta9lk7p23.skadnetwork View