How do I receive payments?

ironSource pays publishers revenue generated solely from ironSource Ads. Any revenue publishers earn from the mediated network partners on LevelPlay or through networks mediated through custom adapters are not paid by ironSource. If you are looking for help receiving payments from other networks, check that your payment details are correct in the accounts you set up in the partner platforms, and reach out to them for additional assistance.

Monthly payment

ironSource pays publishers the revenue earned in a monthly payment cycle. Payment terms are Net 60, meaning that ironSource will make payments within 60 days after the end of each calendar month. For example, a publisher would receive payments for January’s revenue on March 31.

Minimum payment

You can set your own minimum for payments; but you must have earned enough through monetization to afford the payment fees for the payment method of your choice.  If you don’t meet the minimum you’ve determined, your revenue will continue to accrue until the next payment cycle. 

Payment invoice

Prior to payment, you’ll receive an invoice in the finance section of the ironSource platform. You’ll also receive an email to let you know that you have 48 hours to approve the invoice. If you approve on time, the bill status will be changed from “pending approval” to “in process”,  and you’ll be paid within 2 days. If you miss the 48 hour window for approval, you’ll receive your payment the following cycle after you’ve approved.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are available:

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • eCheck 
  • ACH

Payment method details

Payment method Attributes and benefits Currency Transaction fee
PayPal Funds will be transferred to your PayPal accountYou’ll need to contact PayPal regarding withdrawals in your specific countryPayPal doesn’t support payments in all countries USD Starts at $1
Additional transaction and withdrawal fees from PayPal may apply
Wire transfer Funds will be transferred directly to your bank account Choose to receive payments in your local currency or USD Payments in USD: $14
Payments in non-USD: $11 + additional currency conversion fees
Up to USD 4,999.99 = 2.50%
Over USD 5,000.00 = 1.90%
eCheck Funds will be transferred directly to your bank account Receive payments in local currency Starts at $5 + additional currency conversion fees
Up to USD 4,999.99  =  2.50%
Over USD 5,000.00  =  1.90%
ACH Funds will be transferred directly to your bank account Receive payments in USD Starts at $0.75

To learn how to set up your payment method, click here.