ironSource US state privacy laws

This article describes what we, at ironSource, offer partners in order to help them comply with the existing and upcoming state privacy laws in the US. This article is for informational purposes only; for legal advice, you should consult with your legal counsel.

ironSource Network

Does ironSource Network support opt-out requests?

ironSource will use personal information about end users designated in our system as “do not sell/share” only as a “service provider”, and for permitted “business purposes” such as fraud prevention and frequency capping. With respect to such end users, we will disable (by default) any external DSPs, SSPs, and other external ad providers, unless such third parties can serve contextual ads without receiving any personal information. We will still send personal information to attribution companies (e.g., Appsflyer, Singular, and Adjust) for the purpose of ensuring that the publisher and ironSource receive payment for ads served to end users, frequency capping, fraud detection and prevention.

SDK version 6.14.0, or newer, exposes an API that allows publishers to communicate an end user specific “do not sell/share” request. Publishers who have implemented this SDK version can choose to restrict data processing for end users located in California, Virginia, Connecticut, Colorado or Utah (based on the device’s IP address) either by selectively applying “do not sell/share” settings and communicating the end user’s choice to ironSource, or by applying a “do not sell/share” restriction to all the relevant end users of an application through the publisher dashboard.

Learn how to use the “do not sell/share” functionality in the SDK




ironSource supports receipt of access and deletion requests

Follow the instructions to submit access and deletion requests to ironSource.  

LevelPlay and US state privacy laws

ironSource SDK introduced a client-side API to allow publishers to pass “do not sell/share” requests in California, Virginia, Connecticut, Colorado or Utah to LevelPlay on behalf of their users. ironSource will share “do not sell/share” requests with relevant networks who support the API accordingly.

Below is a list of SDK networks which are currently support the API: 

Network Supported adapter version
  iOS Android Unity
ironSource 6.14.0 (SDK) 6.14.0 (SDK) 6.14.0 (SDK)
AdMob 4.3.10  (SDK 4.3.8  (SDK 4.3.11 (SDK
AppLovin 4.3.9   (SDK 6.14.0) 4.3.8  (SDK 6.14.0) 4.3.10 (SDK 6.14.0)
Chartboost 4.3.2  (SDK 4.3.4  (SDK 6.17.0) 4.3.5   (SDK
Digital Turbine 4.3.4  (SDK 4.3.3  (SDK 4.3.4   (SDK
InMobi 4.3.16  (SDK 7.2.7) 4.3.16  (SDK 7.2.7) (SDK 7.2.7)
Liftoff 4.3.0  (SDK 7.1.11) 4.3.0  (SDK 7.1.10) 4.3.0  (SDK 7.1.11)
UnityAds 4.3.0  (SDK 6.15.0) 4.3.0  (SDK 6.15.0) 4.3.0   (SDK 6.15.0)
Vungle 4.3.2  (SDK 4.3.2  (SDK 6.17.0) 4.3.3   (SDK

Additional “do not sell/share” support

The following networks allow to report “do not sell/share” signals to the network directly, and are not supported as part of the ‘do-not-sell’ API.

iOS Android Unity
Meta Audience Network
Adapter & SDK Version 4.3.17  (SDK 6.17.0) 4.3.18 (SDK 6.17.0) 4.3.24  (SDK 6.17.0)
Solution  Set the Limited Data Use flag before initializing LevelPlay. 

Important! It is recommended that publishers work directly with their own legal and professional advisors to determine exactly how the different US state privacy laws or any other laws/regulations may or may not apply to them. The above information is solely intended to help facilitate compliance when working with ironSource, and should not be construed as legal advice.